3 Ways to rock your Smileys Beanies


A SMILEY’S GUIDE TO ROCKING YOUR BEANIES A beanie is a soft, cute type of brimless cap. Normally sewed or knitted, this style is designed to keep the head warm, conceal muddled hair, and add a casual, stylish touch to any outfit. In a lot of fashion trends, Beanies are quite popular accessories. The fact […]

Tari Solomon | Personal Trainer and Fitness Model


Who is Tari? In 2017, Tari Solomon graduated from the University of Portharcourt with a degree in finance and banking; she is a personal trainer and fitness model from Bayelsa state. Tari began her fitness journey in 2019 when she really wanted to gain weight and didn’t have access to a gym in her area, […]

Oyenike Oyediran | Fitness Trainer


Who is Oyenike? Nike short for Oyenike, believes she has always been athletic since she was a teenager. At 15, she was the sports prefect at her secondary school. It is possible that her love for short intense exercises has its roots in her enjoyment of long jumps and short distance races.  Despite the fact […]

Solid Color socks: The safest gift for Men


A man’s socks are most likely his most overlooked and most significant fashion accessory. This is incredible as socks have played a vital role in every stage of our lives, from being a baby to attending elementary school and college. A well-styled pair of socks can for sure change the whole look of an outfit. […]

What’s the point of the O2 collapsible bottle?


The O2 collapsible bottle can be useful for water storage, and also for everyday uses such as camping, hiking like Abuja people, or outdoor adventures. The beauty of it is that when not in use, these vessels can be tucked neatly away in a pocket or small bag. What Are Collapsible Bottles? Collapsible bottles for […]

Socks: How Often Should They Be Replaced? 


SOCKS: HOW LONG THEY LAST & WHEN TO BUY NEW ONES Socks aren’t something people think about that often. You put them on, they keep you warm, and that’s it. It is unfortunate that out of all the things you wear, socks will suffer the most damage because they are thin, need to stretch to […]

8 Gifts Under 10,000 Naira That Will Arrive Before Christmas


While we may spend hours searching for products to add to our budget-free dream cart, it is the season of giving, and we must think about others in addition to ourselves. It might be your secret Santa gift to your coworkers or a friend you like. These 8 items retail for N10,000 or less, which […]