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What’s the point of the O2 collapsible bottle?


The O2 collapsible bottle can be useful for water storage, and also for everyday uses such as camping, hiking like Abuja people, or outdoor adventures. The beauty of it is that when not in use, these vessels can be tucked neatly away in a pocket or small bag.

What Are Collapsible Bottles?

Collapsible bottles for water can come in handy in a lot of circumstances, regardless of whether they are emergency or everyday situations, so it’s worth having a few on hand. There are also many designs, shapes, features, and sizes to choose from to tailor the activity to your needs.

Being prepared in some situations means having a supply of drinking water on hand, and a collapsible container makes it easy to store as much as you need, without taking up unnecessary space when they are not being used.


O2 Collapsible Bottle from Smileys, shop now.

The O2 collapsible bottle is made of silicon, it is designed to hold different types of liquids. It currently comes in two colors: Blue and Black

The O2 collapsible bottle has a spigot where water can be removed or added as needed. The design is a simple screw cap style design.


What are the benefits of the O2 Collapsible Bottles?

There are several benefits to using a collapsible water container in any situation, but the most common ones are:

  • Portability: Collapsible water bottles come in various sizes, but once empty they can be flattened to take up less space and store easily in smaller areas. If you are in an emergency situation, space may be at a premium when it comes to your supplies, and saving room with collapsible bottles may be the ideal solution.
  • Easy storage & Durability: The O2 Collapsible water bottle is also easily stored and durable. These bottles are made with durable materials and high-quality seams that make them ideal for the long-term storage of water and other liquids.
  • Eco-friendly: These bottles are also more eco-friendly than using plastic water bottles, as the containers can be reused many more times than a conventional water bottle. Water bottles made from thinner plastic can be easily crushed, and don’t have any coating to prevent the growth of microbes or algae. As a result, they begin to take on an odor earlier than many collapsible bottles.


How can you use the O2 Collapsible Bottle?

The O2 water bottle can be used for a variety of purposes, most often they are used for the transport and storage of water which is a significant concern in an emergency situation:

  1. Traveling: When traveling, bring your O2 collapsible bottle with you and you can keep water on your person and refill the container as needed. When not needed, or not allowed, the bottle can be emptied and stored in your pocket or bag until later.
  2. Hiking and Hot Weather: When hiking like Abuja people in Nigeria’s hot weather, it is very likely that you’ll need more water than usual to stay hydrated. The O2 collapsible bottle will be the right company for you in this case. When the container is no longer needed, it can then be easily collapsed and stored flat for transport.
  3. A reliable Gym partner: Water is essential for exercises, regardless of the intensity, length of time, or type of exercise. Hydration is an indicator of the intake of water and its effect on the body’s health. Proper hydration keeps your body functioning at a higher level. It helps to boost workouts and keep people exercising longer. The O2 collapsible bottle is a very cute gym partner you can always rely on to hold water for you, fold, and keep as you drill yourself to awesomeness. When the container is no longer needed, it can then be easily collapsed and stored flat for keeps.



With these few points, I hope we have been able to convince you but not to confuse you why you need the O2 Collapsible bottle from Smileys. 

It doesn’t matter if you are convinced and confused, using the bottle will give you better clarity. Order now to experience the awesomeness of the O2 Collapsible bottle


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