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5 Different Types of socks and how to wear them


There are a lot of different types of socks out there to choose from and while we don’t generally believe in rules, we understand that you might need some guidance with which of our smiley socks go with a brogue or which might look better with sneakers.

Choosing the appropriate socks for the occasion can be easier said than done. There are several factors you have to consider such as the material, color, pattern or design, and length. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. Read on to learn more about the different types of socks for women and men and how to properly wear them.

  1. No show: Also known as invisible, or slip-on socks. No-show socks are designed to be invisible when worn with low shoes such as boat shoes, moccasins, loafers, and sneakers. These socks are best if you wish to protect your feet while aiming for a sockless appearance. They are also ideal to wear with summer outfits, especially when paired with trousers or chino shorts. That said, they’re a little trickier to pair with formal outfits, though casual summer clothes are an exception to the rule.
No show socks
  1. Calf Length:  Calf-length socks get their name because they cover up your calf muscles, ending just a little below your knee. Depending on the quality of the sock, they won’t slip or roll down as you walk. Women typically pair these with shorts, skirts, dresses, boots, and heels, making them great for casual or even formal attire. For best results, we recommend matching your top color to that of your calf socks.

    Meanwhile, men prefer to use them under formal suits, ensuring that their bare legs will never be visible. They’re also great for adding an extra layer of warmth and comfort, particularly in the colder months. Additionally, calf socks provide ample protection for those who are physically active. Hence, they’re also worn by people who are into sports, physical activities, and high-intensity outdoor workouts.
Calf Socks
  1. Ankle: Longer than no-show socks but shorter than crew socks, these types of socks aren’t designed to be invisible; instead, they show just a little bit above your shoes. Also known as low-rise, low-cut, or quarter socks, ankle-length socks cover your feet right up until your ankles. Because of their length, some see ankle socks as more utilitarian and are thus paired with low cut shoes for outdoor physical activity such as sports, running, or hiking. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them with loafers, boat shoes, and Oxford shoes for a dapper look.
Ankle socks
  1. Knee-high: Knee-high socks are a popular sock style with women because they’re warm and cute. This sock-style hits right at the knee and is perfect for wearing with tall boots or a chic skirt or shorts. Of course, guys can get in on the knee-high socks game, too. Both men and women wear this sock style for sporting activities like football and many more.
    Either way, knee highs work as a major statement accessory that helps you express yourself when you’re out and about! There’s nothing cozier for self-care than an adorable pair of knee-highs when you’re taking it easy at home!
  1. Thigh-high: Super fun and fashionable, these tall socks extend all the way up the thigh and may have some tight elastic at the top to keep them from falling down. The thigh-high socks market is pretty much owned by women, but we’re sure that if you looked hard enough you could find thigh highs in larger sizes for dudes. Anyway, we have to say that there is just something feminine and flirty about this flattering sock style. Want to wear bold thigh high socks? Be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple and let your socks do all the talking!
Knee high socks

In Conclusion

When worn correctly, your socks can help take your stylish look from 70-100. What’s better is the right pair can be key to preventing different types of foot problems. Keep all of these in mind and you shouldn’t have a problem picking the best socks for your needs. Peace.

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