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Think about how long it took you to gather courage and grit to hit the gym. It must have been a hassle. If you’re trying to keep that energy running even after your first visit, then you should absolutely go prepared. Here is a list of items you should probably take with you.

  1. Gym-appropriate training gear


    You’re not Mr Bean, he seems like he has a thing for wearing the wrong thing everywhere. The world is thirsty for memes, don’t get caught with the wrong gym wear. Your gym wear should be lightweight, comfortable and purposeful. It may be hard to check all these boxes while shopping for gym wear. Lucky for you, smileys has a collection that you should totally check out.

  2. Pockets/armband

    This may be weird as a separate item from clothes but many gym clothes don’t have it and God doesn’t it get frustrating when you desperately need one and it’s just not there. I have been caught using the band of my leggings once. Smileys’ pocket leggings have pockets in their name for a reason. They could be paired with shorts if you like. The pockets will still be functional. You may use an armband instead.

  3. Gym shoes

    Pack a nice pair of sneakers. Nice because I mean, many men and women have found love in the gym (don’t ask for examples) but you’d agree with me that there’s nothing wrong with looking sleek while covered in sweat and grim lol. Pack something comfortable, purposeful and don’t forget your smiley socks. While working out, your feet will probably sweat. Sweat and shoes don’t do very well together, so it’d be nice to have a pair of socks to keep the odor at bay.

  4. Headphones

    Everything’s better with music. Need I say more?

  5. Towel

    If you plan on taking a shower after a workout, you’d like to have a towel handy. If you don’t, it’d still be nice to have one to clean up the sweat off your face and body.

  6. Water bottle

    Pretty obvious huh? In Nigeria, a bottle of water is now NGN100, a couple of that and you have a nice pair of smiley socks, I mean, make the right choice, take water with you. You can get one for yourself using this link.

  7. Snacks

    One time, I saw two women all sweaty on their way back from something I’d like to think was a nice workout, they stopped by to buy ice cream. I thought “well, there goes all the calories you just burnt.” Pack a healthy snack so when you get hungry, you have something that isn’t counterproductive to munch on.

    The next time you go to the gym in smileys’ gear, be sure to take a picture. The smiley family shouldn’t miss seeing you looking so sleek.

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