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Oyenike Oyediran | Fitness Trainer


Who is Oyenike?

Nike short for Oyenike, believes she has always been athletic since she was a teenager. At 15, she was the sports prefect at her secondary school. It is possible that her love for short intense exercises has its roots in her enjoyment of long jumps and short distance races. 

Despite the fact that she wasn’t sure what she should do, she always enjoyed going to the gym. Her involvement lasted about 3 years until COVID struck in 2020. Despite having no access to a gym, she and her friends decided to stay fit from home. She began regular training sessions with them, which encouraged her to pursue more seriously. For a comprehensive understanding of this sector, she took a few courses in Fitness and Nutrition.

Food and family are two of the many things that she loves and is grateful for. She enjoys music and being herself sometimes. In addition to helping others on their fitness journeys, she hopes to continue motivating people in her community.


Get to know them

  1. What’s a book you read that made an impact on you?
    I am not an avid reader but if the book is somewhat academic, count me in!!. For now, the Bible is where I try to draw wisdom from there.

  2. Name one thing everyone should experience in your city
    Lagos traffic 😩

  3. What’s your favorite way to work out?
    High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  4. Song you never get sick of listening to?
    Weight of your Glory (Ty Bello ft. Folabi Nuel, Greatman takit &121 selah)


What are your social handles?
IG: @stayfitwithoye      Twitter; @StayfitwithOye

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