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Benefits of Wearing Socks with a Shoe


You might want to be stylish like the italian and french by showing your ankles, they have been doing it for years and honestly, it looks cool. But there are no benefits to not wearing a shoe without socks, what you don’t know is you could be putting your feet at risk if you want to wear your loafers without socks. 

Socks serve two important functions: they reduce friction between the shoe and the skin, which prevents blisters and abrasions; and they provide a physical barrier between the foot and the microbial petri dish that is a sweaty shoe.

To gross you out, if you were to take a scraping off a well-worn leather shoe, you’d find it’s a zoo of microorganisms that can cause disease in the human foot. Wearing shoes day after day without socks would be like wearing your underwear day after day without washing them. Do you see where this is going?

Here are two reasons you should stop going sockless:

1. Your feet sweat: This should be enough reason for you to avoid going sockless. After a day of walking around without socks in any pair of shoes, you’re going to have some sweaty and stinky feet as well as some nasty smelling shoes. If you do some research, you’ll find powders to be a solution, in theory this sounds good but the reality is that it is not so cool. You would mess up the floor and your shoe with the powder when applying it.

2. It looks bad: Okay, this sounds like a cap but but hear me out. It does look bad sometimes, and it depends on contexts and situations. You wouldn’t attend a corporate meeting without socks except your meeting is with the Godfather.

Showing off your ankle like the italian and french guys is fresh, but the best way to wear shoes without socks is to not wear shoes without socks. If you’re going sockless entirely for fashion reasons, there’s a simple solution — no-show socks. These extra-low-cut dress socks are designed to stay hidden below the shoeline while providing protection against blisters and sweaty feet.

It is good to stay fresh but it is better to stay healthy and fresh. You can shop for the no show socks that keeps you stylish and safe here

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