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Briefs or boxers?

Chances are that more than anything else you wear, you wear underwear. It’s the closest to your skin, it’s what you wear the longest and maybe all you wear sometimes and really, for all the favors your little man has done and may do for you, it only makes sense to put some extra thoughts and efforts into making sure you’re doing right by him.

Putting on the wrong pair of underwear is like creating a hostile environment and expecting that the occupants will thrive in it. Plus, it may totally throw you off your game. You don’t want to spend your day at work or at the gym ‘dressing up’. This is why we stand firmly(pun intended) on the opinion that you spend this money lol.

Now, let’s talk about what makes bad underwear bad for you and what makes good ones good lol, you get it.

  1. They do their job
    Your underwear should serve 2 important roles, one protection from the cold and holding everybody in the place. Unlike boxers, who honestly may be no different from going commando, boxer briefs do a perfect job. Yes, briefs will do the same but boxer briefs strike the balance, they offer you protection and support but also give you the space that you need. They’re the perfect companion
  2. Boxer briefs are the more sophisticated option
    Before you go on about how you’re not trying to be sophisticated underneath your clothes, think about the next time your Spongebob boxers will take a peek on the streets or a time when your trouser rips open at work. (PS, you need backup trousers at work, don’t ask me, just take my advice). In this age and time, you should only be wearing boxers if you’re 1. Really young 2. Really elderly or 3. not in a public place
  3. Women love them.
    They’re like 10 times sexier, ask any woman. They highlight your muscle and accentuate your butt even if they’re non-existent. Lol. And if your partner doesn’t think so, it’s because she’s never seen you in one.
  4. Your boxers are probably already old anyway.
    So, it’s easy to think that you’ll buy the boxer briefs the next time you need to buy new underwear. However, a little birdie said something about how your underwear should be changed every 6-12 months. We’ll like to think that’s your cue to BUY NOW


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